Announcing KYA School's Out Healthy Holidays Programme 2020

Launching this year's programme, review of last year's programme & new targeted provision

Review of Healthy Holidays 2019

Last year's pilot KYA School's Out Healthy Holidays programme was a huge success and we'd like to thank everyone involved. We held a series of review events at the end of last year, but in case you missed them, here's a summary and report evaluating the whole scheme.

Launching Healthy Holidays 2020

We're holding 2 events at Northorpe Hall in Mirfield on Tuesday 11th February, to launch the delivery partner application process for this year's programme, and we'd like to invite the community, voluntary and social enterprise sector to come along to meet some new Healthy Holidays partners and find out how to become a club provider for summer 2020.

Calling VCS groups working with vulnerable families with school age children

One of the biggest challenges of the HH Programme last summer, in the short timescale, was filling places on the clubs with children and young people who would most benefit. As a funded programme, it is essential that we ensure we meet the needs of the most disadvantaged children in communities across Kirklees.

We are therefore proposing this year that we have a 4 week period, from 8 June – 3 July, when HH places are only open to families targeted by an approved list of referral bodies (schools, VCS organisations, statutory teams who are working with families with school age children who may be at risk of holiday hunger or other poor outcomes and cannot afford to pay for similar activities).  Any remaining places will be opened up from 6 July to any children living or studying in Kirklees.

Please get in touch if you would like to go on the contact list -

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