Census 2021

The National Census is due to take place on 21st March 2021.

Liz Fox and Jeff Mitchell, Census Engagement Managers for Kirklees, are working for the Office for National Statistics to help deliver the census. Their work is centred on building relationships and engaging with local communities to ensure everyone can participate in the census and be counted.

In ‘normal’ times, Liz and Jeff would be going out and about, meeting different groups and organisations, as well as members of the public, to promote the census and try to build participation. Obviously much of this face-to-face work is not possible at the moment, and therefore different methods need to be found.

As leaders & members of prominent organisations, they are keen to engage with the 3rd sector to explain and promote the 2021 Census plans and discuss how the sector could work with them to support participation.

How the 3rd sector can help

Below you can download information about the upcoming census which you can share and promote within your networks.

The Census has a full range of support materials and services, including local centres for our community staffed by our community.

Kirklees Census Support Centres 

Our Kirklees Census Support Centres at dip are here to help with general census queries, help to fill in the census form or to discuss other ways of support. The Kirklees Census Support Centres are currently only offering remote support by telephone or video call. Please contact Jeff for assistance and/or to make an appointment. Telephone calls to these two locations are through a freephone number.

Lines are open at dip (North Kirklees) and dip (South Kirklees) between 11.00am to 5.30pm Mon-Fri.

Get in touch to book an appointment.

On the phone – 0800 279 7861 or by email- mailbox@dipgroup.net

Find out more about our service online at:-


Virtually meeting support

If you are holding virtual ward meetings they can come along to address concerns and questions over the census, they can also offer to do virtual completion events.

You can contact Liz at elizabeth.fox66@field.census.gov.uk or Jeff at jeffrey.mitchell@field.census.gov.uk if you need further information, hardcopy / print versions of the attached, or to have a discussion around what else might be possible.

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