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Does the acronym SORP bring a grimace, a frown, or a smile to your face? Whichever it is, it is an essential part of compliance for many registered charities, and it’s currently under review by the new SORP Committee, (see HERE for a useful overview on this).

WYCAS’s Simon Bostrom has been appointed as a member of the Smaller Charities and Independent Examiners Engagement Strand. This group will feed their findings and proposals into the SORP Committee. Simon brings more than 20 years of experience in preparing and examining charity accounts, and of working with hundreds of charities in West Yorkshire. If this is a subject you have a particular interest in and you want to raise any specific issues with him you can contact him here.

As part of the wider work of the Committee, there is a research project being undertaken (with Lloyds Foundation, Charities Aid Foundation and Power to Change) to get as many views as possible from small charities, and also from Independent Examiners to help influence the next Charities SORP which should take effect in 2024. If you can take 15 minutes to complete the relevant surveys, we would be really grateful. You can find them here (deadline 29 June 2021):

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