Delivery Initiatives Funding Opportunity for Charities and Social Enterprises

The Police and Crime Commissioner, through the West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit, is likely to have available funds for initiatives delivered by charities and social enterprises supporting vulnerable young people at risk of involvement in serious violence, county-lines activity and other forms of exploitation.

“We are welcoming bids for a minimum of £30,000 which can be backdated to 5th November 2020.  The funding is to support eligible costs incurred from 5th November 2020 until 31st March 2021 to support children and young people at risk of involvement in serious violence.

The funding is a one-off contribution of additional support and will require the PCC to issue a Grant Agreement to cover this specific, ring-fenced funding and projects funded must address an identified need, recipients must be able to spend their grant as soon as possible after receipt to support vulnerable young people (0-25 years) and have to ability to cover costs until receipt of the grant funding.  Activity is properly costed including funding and resources and must primarily support vulnerable young people aged 0-25 years,

Due to the short time frame of the funding to be utilised we have included some core costs but these must be no be higher than 50% overall and also the purchasing of equipment for activity to take place and provide sustainability.”

How to Apply

Below you will find the funding request pack, including Briefing Information paper, Funding Request form and a FIN19 for any organisation they do not currently fund.

Please complete the documents and return by 12noon Monday 15 February 2021 (Requests received after this deadline cannot be accepted).

Successful applicants will be notified week commencing 22nd February (Please be aware funds may not be received until the end of March).

Please return by email titled ‘Delivery Initiatives funding request’ to:

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