GoodGym are looking for groups to work with

GoodGym are a national community of runners who choose to get fit by doing good in the local
community. GoodGymmers run, walk or cycle to a location where they undertake voluntary
work. These tasks assist community groups, charities, local public spaces and voluntary/not
for profit organisations. 

The Covid situation has placed some restrictions on what GoodGym is able to do, but with a few simple precautions and social distancing in place we are still able to perform many tasks which support the work of local groups and help improve our communities.

Tasks can be anything that a group of GoodGym volunteers can work on for a period of 1-2
hours. There are many, many things GoodGym runners can do, including…..

• Gardening, weeding, clearing
parks/community gardens/open spaces
• Moving heavy furniture or other items
• Litter picking/tidying communal areas
• Cleaning
• Painting
• Sorting, picking and packing
• Leaflet/flyer delivery

These are simply examples, the range of tasks GoodGym volunteers can perform is vast. Tasks
may be “one offs”, or activities the group can return to on an occasional basis as required.

GoodGym has full public liability insurance and the service offered is entirely free of charge.
GoodGym runners are true volunteers, motivated to do something that benefits the local community at the same time as getting fit themselves. 

Many Kirklees organisations have already benefited from working with GoodGym and the group are now looking for more tasks to do in the local area. If you have any questions or wish to discuss how GoodGym may be able to work with your organisation please email or call 07840892151 to discuss further.

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