Home-Start Kirklees is looking for a new home

Home-Start Kirklees is currently housed in a KNH (Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing) property in the Dalton ward. We have been asked to vacate the premises so that they can be converted back to residential use and therefore, we are hoping to identify a new home and leave Coule Royd by March 2022.

We would like to ask our Third Sector colleagues whether there is any feasible community space currently unoccupied or about to become vacant in the near future that could be considered for meeting the needs of our charity and its work delivering services to families?

We would be open to being based in any area of Kirklees that has good transport links for families and volunteers to be able to drop in and see us.

If there are any possibilities or opportunities that could help support our search for a new home, please contact Kerri Flanagan, Director on 07714 822488 or emailĀ kerri@homestart-kirklees.org.uk.

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