Improving accessibility for all

Huddersfield Giants Community Trust will be opening up a new sensory room, in a bid to create an accessible space for all.

The sensory room will offer specialist facilities for individuals and small groups of young people with sensory problems, anxiety, ADHD and autistic spectrum disorder. The space will feature an interactive floor, room colour lighting, UV fibre optic strands and a twinkle carpet.

It aims to create a calming safe haven. The user can choose to enjoy the sensory experience either passively, or more interactively for an exciting and educational immersive experience. The room provides an exploration of all the senses by expertly combining gentle audio, visual and tactile stimuli. The sensory room offers adaptable sensory experiences to best meet the needs of each individual user.

By providing this space, the Trust hopes to help young people to explore and identify their emotions, and support the development of core skills such as: self-awareness, self-regulation, motor skills, and social and emotional development.

Chief Executive of Huddersfield Giants Community Trust Lisa Darwin said: "The provision of a multi-sensory room will lead to increased holistic health and wellbeing and community inclusion.

"We will also have the capacity to invite families to have ‘Sensory Room Birthday Parties’ ensuring that children of all abilities can celebrate and socialise with their peers, within their own community."

The Zone will be looking to offer the sensory room service to local organisations, special schools and families whom can positively gain from the endless benefits that the equipment and technology have to offer.

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