Kirklees Urgent Community Response Service

Kirklees Urgent Community Response Service is a rapid intervention delivered within two hours by a team of skilled professionals, to provide the support residents need to remain independent and avoid an admission to hospital.

Who is it for?

Any resident of a Kirklees Care Home who is registered with a Kirklees GP and over 18 years old age that is in suspected frailty crisis and requires a 0-2hour medical intervention to avoid an unnecessary admission to hospital.

By frailty crisis we mean a Kirklees resident who;

o     Has Fallen or collapsed.

o     Is found on the floor.

o     Has a sudden loss of mobility (“off legs”).

o     Has an acute confusion or sudden worsening of pre-existing dementia.

o     Has a Sudden loss of function

o     Is generally unwell

How to get in touch

The Kirklees Urgent Community Response referral line is open from 9am-16.30pm, with appointments being available between 10am and 16.30pm.

A referral can be made by calling 01484 443935.

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