Moving and Handling Videos for Covid Volunteers and Staff

In response to a request from some members of Kirklees Third Sector Leaders, The Denby Dale Training Centre have developed some specific information and awareness packages in Moving and Handling plus First Aid. These are aimed at roles that have been launched during the pandemic.
Volunteering at Covid Vaccination and Testing stations 
At the Covid Vaccination stations, volunteers have been helping those arriving for their Vaccination, who have a large range of mobility considerations, from fully mobile to those requiring extra assistance. To meet this demand safely, these videos give guidance on how to assist people in and out of cars, the use of wheelchairs, standing to use a walking frame plus some basic information on Moving and Handling as well wheelchair safety checks.
Walking Buddies
They are currently in the process of building an information package aimed at those who are volunteering as walking buddies in various ‘Walkie Talkies’ initiatives. This is going for a local walk with people who want to get out in their local area to stretch their legs and have a chat. These sessions are designed to give the walking buddy a guide to the role, and how to prepare for a short walk, and not that anyone envisages any problems, it is always as well to be prepared, so they are also including some basic first aid advice.
How to view the videos
Click on the link below to visit the DCC Training YouTube channel.
These packages are intended as an introduction to subjects and are not intended as a replacement for a formal course.

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