One Community Collective Power Fund


This fund aims to support environmental initiatives based on energy conservation, although it will also support other ‘green’ projects and activities.

The Collective Power Fund invites local charities, community groups and volunteer-led groups to apply for funding of between £500 and £1,000, to tackle a range of environmental issues.

Focusing on using energy more efficiently and taking care of the environment, for example:

  • Replacing old lighting and installing energy efficient LED lighting in community buildings
  • Insulation costs in community buildings
  • Developing new green spaces, (such as tree planting on a former brownfield site, or creating a wildflower meadow outside a community centre).
  • Contribution towards larger solar power installation costs
  • Supporting the costs of training courses, to help community groups who want to develop their energy efficiency and/or environmental ideas (e.g. training as an Energy Heroes Leader to promote and instigate good energy practice)

Grant applications should tell us how the project will reduce climate change, and what other benefits it will have for the global and local environment or local communities. 

This fund will open again on June 1st and close for applications on June 30th 2021.

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