Review of mental health employment service

Kirklees Council is currently reviewing the Mental Health Employment Service before re-tender as the current contract ends 31 March 2022.

They are reviewing the service to identify whether there is an ongoing need and if so are there any changes they should make to improve the offer for the future. If you are an individual or organisation who has been involved with the service they value your input and would ask that you complete this short survey using the link below.

The contract is currently run by Richmond Fellowship; the service review is not a review of Richmond Fellowship’s service; it is a review of the need for the provision of a bespoke employment service for people affected by mental health issues. Therefore if you could think more about the service and what is needed rather than how well you think Richmond Fellowship have delivered this.

The contract provides specialist employment support for individuals who have or who are recovering from Mental Health problems. The service’s aim is to encourage and support individuals’ sense of independence, purpose and fulfilment to help them develop the skills necessary to manage their mental health and return to self-improvement training, further education, voluntary work, work placements, leading to paid employment. The Employment Service also supports local employers to offer work, work placement and volunteering opportunities for people affected by mental health issues.

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