Yorkshire & Humber VCSE Sector Resilience Survey

The Yorkshire and Humber VCSE Sector Resilience Survey is now open for you to take part.  

Voluntary groups and charity organisations are continuing to play a critical role in the Covid-19 pandemic response and gradual opening up of communities and our economy. Organisations are working in different ways, more flexibly and, in many instances, under real financial pressure.  

Partners across Yorkshire and Humberside issued two earlier surveys last year to find out about the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the VCSE sector. The results of these have been shared and discussed with stakeholders, funders and strategic partners across Yorkshire, the Humber and nationally.  

This third survey will continue to gather up-to-date information looking at the effects of the pandemic on both small and large organisations. Once again we are using a common survey, being co-ordinated by Voluntary Action Leeds (VALCommunity First Yorkshire.   

The data is being analysed by MoVE a partnership between the Universities of Sheffield, Hull and Leeds.  The reports from this survey will shape support services and will be shared with health, local authority and other partners.  

Please complete the survey by 7th June.

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